Thursday, January 21, 2010

procrastination at its best..

the fact that im taking 6 classes this semester (why) means my time on these sites is going to have to be limited ): but i cant help how fun they are! thought i'd share them with you since my foods been pretty lame today and not blogworthy... brain games?! claims it can make you a more productive student(; CAUTION its freaking addicting. awesome online classes with a free two week introduction:D yogas more of my thing though free weekly class and challenging flows LOVE IT
uo blog just love the fact that every monday is Music Monday with free song downloads from bands that i adore

thought i'd share with you how great of a procrastinator i have become
off to Pilates Core Plus, wish me luck!

what websites are you mindlessly addicted to? (mm facebook)


  1. Facebook, and blogs, definitely haha!

    Love this - I will be resorting to this when I don't feel like studying ;)

  2. Great post, I did a similar post with some of my fav websites.