Wednesday, January 20, 2010


unlike yesterday, today has been awesome

i made it to my 8 am class and lurvveedddd it!
abnormal psych talk about interesting!
theres a lot about eating disorders thats going to be discussed so we'll see how that goes (;
but i'm also really excited that we have to visit 2 institutions of our choice to really experience firsthand the effect of mental disorders. oh where to choose? :D
before i went, i had a simple breakfast. cant tell you the last time i had cold cereal...

kashi island vanilla wheats with raspberries and 2% milk
little thick for my taste
and i definitely missed my oats
yummmm nonetheless

i had another date with Amy for lunch.
this time we had pizza, (spinach!) (on sale at WF!) with a side of grapes

i truly am in love with this woman (;
not only is it "healthy" for a pizza, again it is probably the best frozen i've ever had!
the key is to lay it directly on the rack (and hope the cheese doesnt get toooo melty)

oh oh ohh! i start my new job tonight, at friendlys! no more italian market. serving kids alll night sounds great, right? and no that isnt sarcasm!


  1. Yes i do love kids, my dream job would involve working with them or animals or both...

  2. hahah yeah--i babysit tons and i think i'd go for a break on the kiddies for a bit :] i'm tryign to get a job at a barnes and nobles cafe! books + coffee...perfect, no?
    food sounds awesome! that spinach pizza looked yummyyy--i had the same exact thing tonight! wow!
    glad you made it to your class on time :]

  3. hey! all your food sounds awweeesome[: that spinach pizza looked veryyy yummy- i swear amy is a goddess in disguise. and that breakfast- deliciousss! good luck at your new job & have fun with the kiddiessss ♥ xoxo soph

  4. haha I am good friends with miss Amy as well ;)
    You are so beautiful and I love this blog! <3
    I hope the rest of your days this week are just as awesome gorgeous girl!

  5. i love kashi cereal :)
    i like the cinnamon harvest soaked in the vanilla unsweet almond milk <3
    Best wishes at your job lovie

    i have never had amys pizza!!

  6. good luck on your job girl!
    LOVE amys-that pizza is awesome!