Sunday, January 31, 2010


i'm newish to the blog and i dont have many readers (obviously haha) but i still want to do giveaways! i love them and i'd love to share my favorites with you..small and simple but here it is.
my absolute favorite tea. you cant beat it (: i'm more of a coffee drinker but this stuff is amazing.
the website describes it as a fruity black tea with hints of lemony bergamont.
idontknow its indescribable to me.

all you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite morning pick me up
or add me to your blog roll and let me know!
i'll give it til friday since i dont know how many people will enter and will draw a random winner then..

not much, but i'd enjoy it (;


  1. Morning pick me-up? OATMEAL! Haha!

    Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! P.s. how are we not Facebook friends yet?!

  2. Ok for a Brit to enter? Hoping it is I think you probably know my pick me up is a good ole black coffee, can be either instant (if I'm in a rush) or ground coffee beans.
    You're already on my blog list too hun.


  3. yayayay! my favorite morning pick-me-up is definitely apples. actually, they work ALL day! haha :]
    love you girl

  4. AHHH love tea. im in the uk so idk, but my favorite morning pick me up is peanut buttterr. cant go a day without it(: xoxo

  5. I love mint tea! I'm quite the tea addict : )



  6. My morning pick me up.... Depends. To really pick me up COFFEE. But I love doing green smoothies. What a good giveaway :)

  7. My favorite is veggie omelet :)

  8. Hey Taylor,
    Sorry to hear about your car. Hope nothing was stolen from it!

    My morning pick me up is music. A good song always makes my day brighter.


  9. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE a Starbuck's coffee in the morning. VENTI please :)

  10. I'm new to bloggin! Glad I've made a new blogland friend. My favorite morning pick me up is pretty much anything involving tea, especially green tea or starbucks mistos! Yum! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  11. Hey, I just started blogging and found your blog--I love it! My favorite morning pick-me-up would have to be oatmeal :)


  12. my morning pick me up is MILK! i know this sounds so late, but i really look forward to drinking milk with my breakfast -- which is usually oat bran or high fiber cereal. and my banana every morning.....have to have that banana!