Monday, January 18, 2010

facing fears in NYC

like i said in my previous post, i've been up there multiple times the last few weeks. excited to live there soon!
but when i mention fears, i'm not talking crowds, strangers, bars, subway, and all that stuff i'm talking this:
S'MACS is to die for! (no literally if you ate this everyday you honestly could from clogged arteries) it is amazing but scared me! wow pasta and cheese? hi anorexia, i've missed you!
but that doesnt mean i want you back (;
i ordered the Veggie Lite- whole wheat pasta, light cheddar, parmesan, broccoli, cauliflower and garlic! I couldnt get over how good it was! also had a side salad. (picture from a non-food blogger HA) i ate every last bite.

hehehehehe (;

fear of the unknown was not gonna stop me! can't wait for the future!
who else is excited to see the HUGE plans God has in store?


  1. hey girl! just came across your blog and you are so adorable! congrats on facing your fears--it can be terrifying but so relieving at the same time. stay strong hun!

  2. you are so beautiful!
    congrats on facing fears <3

  3. Now that is a beautiful girl right there, you have such a lovely smile.

  4. your hair is GORGEOUS!