Thursday, December 24, 2009

lets change this up a bit..

and preach it a little. God's been working in me a lot lately about letting go and moving forward with all aspects of my life. I'm restless and cannot stop thinking about my past and suddenly it dawned on me, its OVER. I cannot change it, i cannot relive it, i cannot let it stop me from experiencing life.. my circumstances do not define me..

with each season of our lives, there is something to learn. no matter how rough it may be or productive it is, God is trying to show us something. without problems, there would be no need for miracles.
i used to constantly question God on why i have to deal with ED? why me? why can food, meant to be enjoyable, completely control my life in a negative way? i REGRET dieting and stepping on the scale for the first time, but i shouldnt. everything happens for a reason, and God doesnt put mountains in your way that you cant move! wow, i started thinking of all the people i've met because of this and i found my passion to help others who struggle too! God works in us to glorify is kingdom in the strangest of ways. and nothing is too big for Him! God fills that void in your heart that nothing else will ever be able to. "once you've gotten yourself filled up at God's table, you won't be hungry for anything else." amen.

wow i know this post is kinda random and all over the place, not my best of work but a lot has been running through my mind..
i dont care if you comment this or not..

but the best present ever, God gives us everyday
Timothy 1:7
for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind..

night loves.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

quick post

wow, the difference running shoes make!
haha and all this time i just thought i wasn't cut to be a runner (;

i recently bought a pair of new shoes and today i decided to hit da mill
and guess what!
i beasted 2 and a half miles!

now that might not seem like a lot to you, but this is coming from a girl who could barely run a lap around the track :D
mighty fineee i must sayy.

off to work! and then i'll be with this lil' one:
her first Christmas with my crazy fammm; ahh SANTA WHO?!
i want my own...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


sorry for the lack of posts! i gotta work on being a better bloggerrr. eh oh well.
amy once again is genius...
instant gratificationnnn<333

i tried AMY'S VEGETABLE LASAGNA today for lunch and oh my! how does she do it??!?
it was amazing, the sauce was actually yummy! (usually the frozen entrees are yuck!) and the pasta cooked beautifully. they could have been more generous with the cheese though! (no worries, i fixed that!) but then again its only 310 calories!
12 grams fat
4.5 sat
35 g carb
5 g fiber
16 g protein
not too shabby for a ridiculously large portion of lasagnaaaaa!

anyone else snowed in like me?!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

healthy enough..


betta than da instant stuff
sooo good. so so goood.
make it please
1/4 oats 1/4 bran 1/2 vanilla soy 1/4 water 2 splenda maple extract vanilla
top with brown sugaaaa and mm smart balance
:D oh my oh my

i legit wore my tights to church today
i was that excited
i packed a little fuel

my wawa, 2 BABY apples (SO TINY SO CUTE), a serving of pistachios, and a powerade zero. GENIUS
my nutritionist has taught me well
i am so sore already. woah wait til tomorrow!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

sugar high

my plan kinda backfired; I am currently babysitting the most energetic kids ever... my fault.

I thought maybe making a gingerbread tree would keep them occupied for a while, nope they just ate the icing and now are bouncing off the wall
look at that finished product! :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

its snowing

and i had to drive home in itt! EHHHH!

ha well i came home to our xmas tree up. its very traditional.
terribly bad photo, i take them on my iPhone. i'm lazy with my camera.
but you get the idea (;
we have 9 full size tree. we kinda love xmas.

i made this for a linner (lunch/dinner) when i cam home from work:

i like to take the foods from the market and make them healthyyy.
grilled chicken, grilled asparagus (yum!), red onion, plum tomato on a bed of romaine.
i used Marzetti's all natural light balsamic vinegarette and enjoyed a side of KASHI crackers.
i dont think i liked them. i LOVE garlic, but not the amount on these crackers! i'm gonna be reeking for days.
night in, decorating another tree :D
so funnnnn !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

panera who?

wednesdays honestly are blah, except for ZUMBA but that was cancelled...
i work all day
it was so slowwwww; i was able to sit down and enjoy lunch..

anthony had made an awesome butternut squash puree. i had two bowls (!) and a side of whole grain crackers. not my favorite; sorry.

this kept me full allllll day. i wish i could go back and relive that meal (;
but uh dinner was just as good...

there's a turkey artichoke panini at Panera Bread that is to die for. unfortunately, i did not feel like driving forty minutes for a sammy. i made my own. JUST AS
roasted turkey breast from the market, handful of spinach, some mozzarella
but it was nothing without the spread
canola mayo plus spinach dip mix!
ingredients in the dip:
  • spinach flakes
  • onion
  • garlic
  • dill
Proverbs 3:9
honor god with everything you own.
give him the first and the best.