Saturday, December 19, 2009


sorry for the lack of posts! i gotta work on being a better bloggerrr. eh oh well.
amy once again is genius...
instant gratificationnnn<333

i tried AMY'S VEGETABLE LASAGNA today for lunch and oh my! how does she do it??!?
it was amazing, the sauce was actually yummy! (usually the frozen entrees are yuck!) and the pasta cooked beautifully. they could have been more generous with the cheese though! (no worries, i fixed that!) but then again its only 310 calories!
12 grams fat
4.5 sat
35 g carb
5 g fiber
16 g protein
not too shabby for a ridiculously large portion of lasagnaaaaa!

anyone else snowed in like me?!


  1. Memememeee I'm snowed in too! Haha! I love Amy's!

    We should exchange ideas of what to do when seriously stuck at home.

  2. Oh yum! that looks so awesome. I LOVE Amy's stuff :)