Thursday, December 24, 2009

lets change this up a bit..

and preach it a little. God's been working in me a lot lately about letting go and moving forward with all aspects of my life. I'm restless and cannot stop thinking about my past and suddenly it dawned on me, its OVER. I cannot change it, i cannot relive it, i cannot let it stop me from experiencing life.. my circumstances do not define me..

with each season of our lives, there is something to learn. no matter how rough it may be or productive it is, God is trying to show us something. without problems, there would be no need for miracles.
i used to constantly question God on why i have to deal with ED? why me? why can food, meant to be enjoyable, completely control my life in a negative way? i REGRET dieting and stepping on the scale for the first time, but i shouldnt. everything happens for a reason, and God doesnt put mountains in your way that you cant move! wow, i started thinking of all the people i've met because of this and i found my passion to help others who struggle too! God works in us to glorify is kingdom in the strangest of ways. and nothing is too big for Him! God fills that void in your heart that nothing else will ever be able to. "once you've gotten yourself filled up at God's table, you won't be hungry for anything else." amen.

wow i know this post is kinda random and all over the place, not my best of work but a lot has been running through my mind..
i dont care if you comment this or not..

but the best present ever, God gives us everyday
Timothy 1:7
for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind..

night loves.

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