Saturday, December 5, 2009

its snowing

and i had to drive home in itt! EHHHH!

ha well i came home to our xmas tree up. its very traditional.
terribly bad photo, i take them on my iPhone. i'm lazy with my camera.
but you get the idea (;
we have 9 full size tree. we kinda love xmas.

i made this for a linner (lunch/dinner) when i cam home from work:

i like to take the foods from the market and make them healthyyy.
grilled chicken, grilled asparagus (yum!), red onion, plum tomato on a bed of romaine.
i used Marzetti's all natural light balsamic vinegarette and enjoyed a side of KASHI crackers.
i dont think i liked them. i LOVE garlic, but not the amount on these crackers! i'm gonna be reeking for days.
night in, decorating another tree :D
so funnnnn !

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  1. Love decorating Christmas trees! :) I'm glad you made it safely through your drive in the snow.