Tuesday, January 26, 2010

no wayyyyy

i woke up early for class today and started my day off with yogoat
thats what i like to call it!

i soaked a packet of truly vanilla GOLEAN hot cereal in a chobani greek vanilla yog with 1/2 cup water, what i like about these packets is the whole flax seeds mixed in. when left over night they plump up and are yummy and chewy!
in the morning i topped it with CBU and fresh shredded coconut.
wait, CBU? oh right let me explain.. remember the invention of PBU on the blogosphere a while back? i didnt have my own blog back then but i was still an avid reader.
i made CBU
  • 1 part cashew butter
  • 2 parts vanilla soy milk
mmm! makes the perfect frosting! its creamier, sweeter, and spreadable. TRY IT with any nut butter!

i also tried some kale chips today! SHUT UP, i did not believe Gumdrops when she told me they tasted exactly like tortilla chips.... well they do:

lined a sheet with parchment paper, layed out the kale, drizzled with olive oil, and sea salt and baked for ten minutes at 375.

i was impressed.
(i'm so impatient the short cook time was a definite plus as well!)

any interesting foodie recipes you'd care to share? loveee to hear some! and try of course (;


  1. love how you refer to your friend as gumdrops :] hehe so cute. love you girlie! and those oats sound delicious! i've never tried overnight oats, i actually have a packet of those truly vanilla go lean oats--maybe ill test it out! take care dearie :]

  2. i loove kale chips!!!

    oh. but i love you more.

  3. Those kale chips sound delicious - I love making roasted sweet potato chips - just take a sweet potato - cut into rounds, spray some olive oil spray and season - I like salt , garlic and chili powder or you could make them savory with cinnamon - broil for 15 minutes in oven - delicious!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great Wednesday - xoxo aimee

  4. i've never had over night oats, yours look really good!