Saturday, January 30, 2010


i broke the mold this morning and made this:
(whole foods cashew butter is almost better than my jiff.. almost)

i made cereal in a jar. I poured a cup of Trader Joe's Soy and Flax Clusters into the almost empty jar and filled it with milk. i let it soak in a little and the results were glorious!
haha it was so fun scraping a little of the butter off with each bite!
and unlike oats, its nice and cold and crisp
(i'm definitely not hating on the oats though!)
Soy and Flax Clusters are my favorite cereal although they are pretty calorically dense
per cup:
190 calories
3 grams fat
7 grams fiber
9 grams protein

i'm thinking of adding hair products and styling to the blog, what do ya think? god blessed me with a good head of hair and i love taking care of it! it is the only thing that anorexia didnt steal from me (when i was sick) and thats pretty surprising.


  1. I've ALWAYS wanted to try cashew butter!

    You add whatever you want to your blog girl! Show off that gorgeous head of hair :)


  2. Cereal in a jar, lookss good!!
    And I think thats a fabulous idea!! A great edition to your blog, adds another whole demention! Cant wait to read your ideas and tips!!
    Have a great day! <3

  3. Haha reminds me of my Cereal in a Tube (yogurt tube/container) :p

    Sounds yummy! Good job on the 'PB scrapping' :)