Wednesday, January 27, 2010


so i definitely didnt wake up in time for abnormal psych today! my b! ):
its crazy how your body can adjust, its time for me to change my alarm, it no longer does its job!

after accepting the fact that it wasnt worth it to even be tardy, i had my usual breakfast!
(still too early for a photo but i will try tomorrow!)
and started cooking for URBAN PROMISE

i made a simple tray of ziti and stuffed shells
we then take it up to a school in Camden where we serve it to underprivileged kids and hang out with them for the night(;
if you live near Philly, South Jersey, and you'd like to get involved, Let me know!

as for my eats today, not photoworthy. but i'm gonna start taking pictures for my own accountability!
i did have one of these on my way FROM zumba TO yoga
(crazzzzzy i know!)

wawa all natural milkshake! so freaking good, so worth it!
ingredients: strawberry ice cream, milk
tonight i took my first HOT vinyasa flow tonight and i loved it! i guess when youre in a room thats a 100 degrees, you loosen up a little bit (;

any indulgences you'd like to share?


  1. yummmyy milkshake!!! zumba is so fun...jealous!

  2. I have heard of hot yoga and I want to try it soooo badly! Unfortunately I can't right now in my current health state, but it's something I can look forward to when I put on a few more pounds :)
    Your dishes look great! And that's awesome that you are giving back to your community. You go girl!