Thursday, February 4, 2010

veggied out

EARLY (LIKE 2AM) why cant i sleep?!
i woke up oddly enough craving vegetables;
plain, boiled, crisp vegetables.
what the heck?! is my body trying to tell me something?!
exactly what i had: 2 eggs scrambled, huge bowl of steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, served with a bottle squirt of ketchup

other eats i've been meaning to share:
yesterdays lunch:

roast beef, provolone, and spinach panini with a golden delicious

some snack?

vanilla oikos with a whole grain banana nut muffin, little spoonful of barney butter just for good measure :D
i've been running everyday and its true! it does get easier! for all you treaders out there, any suggestions on getting more miles in?

how do you fall asleep? AND stay asleep?!


  1. hey girl! wow your eats look amazing. cravings are so weird right? the other day i just walked into the kitchen and started eating raw brocoli! it was what i was craving(; i adore muffins in yogurt- sooo good. and okay JUST read that post that you got your hair blonder! i bet it looks amazing. running everyday is great, so happy you are enjoying it(; have a great day xoxo soph

  2. It's funny you never imagine craving veggies, but I do sometimes too. I think it's because of all the vitamins and the body probably needs them.


  3. hi! where are you from? i'm following your blog now :) come follow me!

  4. Have a baby... It's like having a permanent alarm clock! I know she will be up by 7 every single morning so I have to sleep! Plus by the time bedtime rolls around I'm exhausted from taking care of her...

    See that's all you have to do ;)

  5. Heya chica! Love your blog :)

    Veggie cravings are the best, no? I love them. Sucks that you had to have one at 2AM, though... :S in my experience though, sleep is sometimes very hard to come by in recovery... maybe lack of nutrients etc?

    As for running, I tend to run WAY more and not notice the time passing if I just let my mind wander over everything... just 'me' time. It's nice. Although I've been more into the elliptical lately <3

    Oh and. You've officially given me a banana nut muffin craving... heheh.

    xoxx Beth