Saturday, February 27, 2010


if only, i could see what it would be like if i never suffered from anorexia.
how different life would have been!
i would have never lost my love for dance...

i would have never have lost my passionate future of living in the city

i would have never have lost my first true love...

i would have never have lost my group of friends...
(to a degree, i never wanted to do anything!)

to become someone i never imagined i'd be:

Recovery is more than weight gain, youre gaining your life back..

your hope, your future, your passion, you

NEDA- spread awareness, gain back a life


  1. You are too pretty! Thank you for sharing this girl! Have a great weekend.

  2. beautiful post girl.
    you are so beautiful on the inside and out! keep pushing hard girl

  3. beautiful post baby <3 almost as beautiful as you, but not quite! stay strong! you can do this. recovery IS about gaining your life back and you seem to be doing an amazing job so KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!

  4. Hi!!

    Yes the blondies not only look good, they tasted good :)

    You have amazing hair in the last pic...Thanks for this amazing post! Sorry for the bf :(, I'll be your boyfriend instead, m'kay? ;p haha

    Have a nice day!