Saturday, November 14, 2009


trader joes is straight from heaven i swear..
its pretty self explanatory (;
i just love the fact that the only ingredients listed are: organic skim milk, organic honey

yuppp and like i said earlier things have been hectic. ive been fighting b/p and it isnt working ): what the heckkk? with my anorexic control gone, my ravenous bulimic urges develop? not cooooolll. my hunger cues havent came back yet and i dont get full!
i could eat and eat and eat.. its actually quite impressive :D i'm at a healthy weight and i think that is what scares me! whats enough to maintain?! i am not so sure..

tomorrow is a new day though! its Sunday, CHURCH mm loves

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  1. Just focus on giving your body what it needs and forget about calories. If you restrict that will lead to bingeing because your body is so truly hungry!
    Listen to what it asks for and everything will resolve itself