Sunday, October 18, 2009


continuing from my previous post sometimes you need to give in to your temptations; i said i'd be eating lighter today which i have compared to yesterday (; but you know what? i ate LEFT OVERS and they were delicious. I WANTED A MEATBALL PARM SANDWICH SO I HAD ONE! on a white roll may i add..
life is too short to not allow yourself certain foods, avoiding places because they dont have healthy options or not trying that amazing cake your grandma made because you know its not WHOLE WHEAT..
i eat healthy most of the time; i enjoy eating healthy but c'mon; are you really saying you will never indulge in a greasy grilled cheese once ever again? your body will take care of youu.. having some of these treats once in a while will not KILL YOU or even worse make you gain weight but it will SATISFY you and thats the important point i'm trying to make here..

i had a meatball parm sandwich and for dessert, TWO cupcakes. i do not have one ounce of guilt on my shoulders
they were delicious.. my nutritionist comes tomorrow and she will be proud (:
i had a "normal person meal" and guess what? it wasnt so bad after all...


  1. congrats...a lot of times, i almost feel like its my job to healthier or lighter than anyone else - SO not true.
    always nice to have a reminder that guilt isn't supposed to come with food, especially not the delicious kind :)

  2. 2 cupcakes and a meatball sub? dang can I move into ur house...i'll bring the margaritas :)


  3. I'm new to this blog, and I jsut want to say how much I admire it :) I have gone through some of the same things you've described, and am still working on getting totally OK with eating normally again. Love this post, thank you :D