Thursday, October 22, 2009

highlight of my day

treated muh self to this lovely combo...
sesame marinated tofu (:, garlic green beans (FAVORITE EVER), some quinoa with zucchini, carrots and peas(awesome grainnn; get ittttt), whats your favorite grain?and some seaweed salad..
the seaweed salad was not what i expected, its nothing like the seaweed in miso soup ? still amazing; I ate this cold before shopping around for some fun foodie products; this would have probably tasted great warmed up too (;

i wish i had a credit card that you never had to pay backk.. that'd be great. Got some awesome clothing at URBAN OUTFITTERS todayyy. unfortunately too many and now i'm running low on currency.
Let's hope for some good tippage tomorrow at workk.


  1. I need to buy myself a heart rate monitor with that credit card :D
    My favorite grain...oats definitely :)

  2. ooooh i loooove the hot bar at whole foods. SO tasty! i think my fav grain is oatmeal. i can't seem to get enough!

  3. HECK YES for random trips to whole foods :D

  4. my fav grains are oatmeal and brown rice
    i am OBSESSED with whole foods, but i spend a LOT of moolah in a hot minute.
    also feel ya on the urban outfitters thing...just spent 150 big ones that i didn't have the other day. gotta wear something, right? ;)